Friday, March 31, 2006

End of another week

Wow - where has the last week gone? Can't believe it's Friday again ...

This week has been pretty quiet. Had another lunchtime seminar for staff on Wednesday. It was on another campus to the one I work on, and the staff who came along seemed pleased that we went to see them, rather than expecting them to make the trek to us. This time I didn't cough through the whole thing.

Other than that, I have been getting ready for a whole load of teaching next week; term has finished so it's a good week to catch staff for training. I'm also getting ready for my big meeting with the Senior Manager who is taking on the implementation of our e-learning strategy. Looking back at what we've done over the last few months, we've actually achieved quite a lot. It's been a month since the Advisor has been in post!

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