Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Reflecting on the discussion

Just back from a long weekend with my ma and pa, and trying to reflect on last week's discussion exercise. The feedback from participants has been good (although only 6 so far have contributed) and most of them say that they would take part again if we ran one.

The main issue is getting more people to join in; and I need to do more work on this. Looking at the statistics people were looking at the discussion (and quite frequently too); I just want to know why they didn't join in.

Maybe I need to be more structured about the activities. I fear that my questions were either too open-ended, or focused on experiences that people haven't had. I don't think that using the article helped, as people didn't have time to read it. I used the article because I hoped it would be a springboard, but I fear that it put people off.

I also think that needed to be clearer about what people were expected to do - I maybe should have said that they should aim to post everyday. I wondered about offering a certificate to say you had taken part as an incentive. This might encourage the tHE people to get involved.

I'm definitely going to give it another go - maybe when I'm back in work in July.

Now I just have to worry about the forum presentation I have to give in a week's time!!

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